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Welcome to my page and thank you for popping by. I am a wedding photographer based in Berkshire, though I am more than happy to travel. Oh, enough with the formality already - I absolutely love travelling and would be thrilled to go to the ends of the earth to photograph an awesome wedding! Take a look around then give me a shout and let's chat.  



I love photographing weddings in Berkshire…and Oxfordshire….and Hampshire, even Wiltshire……just about anywhere really!

When we got married (14 years ago - how did that happen?!) we spent a lot of time looking at venues and being told, "This is our package..." Whenever we said we wanted something outside of the standard package I got concerned I was going to need to use my CPR training! So we went for a tent (sorry, marquee!) in a field next to a lake. Catering was provided by our favourite vegetarian restaurant (who had never catered a wedding before) and we bought our own beer and wine (good excuse for a trolly dash to France!) We had a barn dance, we had a cupcake tower (remembering this was 2002 and people didn't do cupcake towers then...) we didn't cut the cake (tricky with cupcakes..) or have a traditional first dance... and we left the ceremony (we did go with tradition here and choose the utterly gorgeous village church) with my husband driving his open-top sports car.

Our parents were naturally horrified... "What do you mean no meat?", "Where are the toilets?", "What happens if you run out of beer?" (we didn't), "Will I be able to get a cup of tea?" (she did) There were tears and cross words over the guest list (read budget), long distance bridesmaids, hotel room traumas and a best man who travelled for hours to arrive the night before without his suit! 


But by the end of the night everyone was dancing, nobody was hungry and we ended up drinking the left over wine for years (ok, months!) afterwards. Whenever there is another family wedding the cousins still talk about how awesome ours was, 14 years on! 

I am a watcher - I will notice those special little moments, the ones you didn’t even realise that anyone was there – that hug from Dad, the tears from your chief bridesmaid, the kiss after the speeches, the tender moment that followed the first dance.

I absolutely love all the crazy stuff too – cricket at the reception, kids climbing trees in their best clothes, space hoppers, dogs, horses, rugby line-out (yes, I have done one at a wedding!) sparklers for everyone (can I just say, here and now, that sparklers and bubbles at weddings are awesome?!)

I will be there to share your whole day with you, the nerves, the tears, the joy, the bubbles (see the above comment about sparklers), the quirky little details that make it your special day, nobody else’s, just yours. Oh and did I mention that I love bubbles and sparklers? 

I promise I will not order you around and make your guests wait for hours for that perfect pose, or offend one of your guests who also would like to take a picture. I also promise that I will be there for everything that you consider to be important – after all, it is your day. I cannot promise that I won’t get a bit teary-eyed at the ceremony and speeches, or have a giggle with your guests, or pinch the odd canapé (hey, a girl has to eat!) or boogie my way around the dance floor whilst photographing everyone’s groovy moves, that’s just the way I roll!

I love climbing, swimming and having amazing experiences with my family. I love conversations that start “It may sound a little unusual/crazy but….” and I really, really hate olives!

I would love to be there to photograph your wedding, wherever it may be and whatever you may have planned. So drop me a line and let’s talk.

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